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Antic origins of the moroccan living room

Northern Africa was part of Roman Empire

domus Volubilis.jpg

from Antic Domus ...

Roman Houses discovered in Volubilis (archeological site near Meknes in Morocco) revealed a typically Antic Architectural layout.

All in the house is organised around the Atrium a kind of central courtyard.

Triclinium is the principal living room ornately decorated is exclusive for guests in front of the courtyard. It's also dining room where several chaises longues are grouped around three-footed tables.

salon marocain traditionnel _edited_edited.jpg

. . . to the Moroccan Riad

Amazigh people use a similar architecture layout, central courtyard with a sitting area for guests, referred to us as ​"tamesrit".

Which became lately "seddary", moroccan lounge, living room.

Classical or modern style this king of couch continue to evolve in contemporary interiors.

Copie de SaMaD basic 1 �SCG photo_edited.jpg


Salon Marocain Design

modulaire et réalisé en matériaux respectueux de l'environnement



la méridienne conçue en hommage aux Romains.

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