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SCG designer's concept is based on functionality and sustainability.

Bespoke lifetime pieces of furniture that combine aesthetics, smart process and handmade fabrics.

Beyong ergonomics, SCG furniture is the expression of desire for liberty and authenticity.


Fauteuil bibliothèque P1L
bespoke computer tray
+ ottomane
for more comfort.

Main piece of furniture in this workspace is the 
Fauteuil bibliothèque P1L whith his integrated storage
areas and its ottoman.
This area became the personal microcosm of S.E, great architect and writer, perfect zen workplace where concentration and inspiration come naturally.

table basse inoa

No tools or screws are necessary for assembly or disassembly Inoa, the simple interlocking system making it incredibly user-friendly.
The coffee table boasts two transparent glasstops
 made from high-quality tempered glass, providing both a sleek appearance and durability.
The dual glass layers create an intriguing visual effect, allowing you to showcase decorative items
 between them.


fauteuil bibliothèque darkbrown leather P1S
small chair Mister Too

A monochrome and timeless set, dark brown wood and leather for an intemporal style. 
Fauteuil bibliothèque leather P1S and the little chair Mister Too match with Inoa the coffee table.


La méridienne

Designed in homage to Antic Romans.
The turquoise blue of the calligraphic structure harmonizes with the ecru textile and the old gold trimmings.

First picture taken at the exhibition Venice Design during the bienale at Palazzo Michiel Dalle Colonne caracterized by a Baroque style 18st century.

PortfolioSCG 1827_edited_edited.jpg

La méridienne 
is surrounded by an authentic zellige
at Kasbah Museum in Tangier.

diogene cosy corner.jpg

Canapé bibliothèque Cosmo 2PS

table basse Arcades

Canapé bibliothèque Cosmo 2PS is covered in Amazigh handmade rugs which brings a touch of authenticity to the casual charm of the denim jeans with which it is associated.

The Arcades coffee table is inspired by neo-Moorish architecture. The arches evoke the gates of Andalusia and North Africa

PortfolioSCG 1861_edited_edited.jpg
PortfolioSCG 1811_edited.jpg

High stools kube

Salon Marocain Design
SaMaD basic lines

Copie de SaMaD basic 1 �SCG photo_edited.jpg
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